Photography by Edwin Friedenberg

World in Bubbles


World in Bubbles is my third serie in Liquid Art.

The soapbubbles fly around in the sky and have beautiful colours. (But depending of which soapsolution you use). I have mixed it with a bit of glycerine so that the soapbubble last longer.

When the sun is shining and you have also a bit of clouds, makes it perfect. But this also menas that you will have wind. The most tiny amount of wind will make the soapbubbles move!

What I have learned doing this:
The object you want to photograph must be really big.
Look for a dark background, this will make the colours of the bubble more outstanding.
Make sure that you have no wind where you want to blow the bubbels.
You have to act very fast with your focussing!
Try to make pictures when the bubble is on the exact same level of your camera. This way you will only see what is behind you, and you, the photographer, will not be in the picture.
Have confidence in yourself and especially have lots of patience!!



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