Photography by Edwin Friedenberg

The Glass

The Glass is a project photographed in oktober 2015 together with my good friend Ad.
The purpose was to make a picture for a contest named “Glass”.

Before oktober we had about 4 weeks of preparation. The photoshoot self took 2 days.

The whole first day we were preparing composition, lightning and most of all: preparing the Cognisys. The Cognisys registered the sound of the gun and should fire the flashes a few milliseconds later. It took several hours to find out how many milliseconds this should be.

The second day we used to make the pictures. We have shot a bit more then 80 glasses that weekend.

This project will be done again but in a different setup in 2017!!!

Underneath the movie: The Glass (the making of)



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2 Reacties

  1. Emmy februari 4, 2016

    Edwin, heel leuk om te zien hoe jij en Ad bezig zijn geweest met glas fotograferen. En interessant wat er allemaal bij komt kijken om tot een mooie foto te komen.

  2. Edwin februari 7, 2016

    Hoi Emmy,

    Dank je wel!! Zoals je wellicht op de fotoclubwebsite gezien hebt komt er een Glass II (onder matches)


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