Photography by Edwin Friedenberg

Painting on Music


Painting on Music was my second project “Liquid Art”

I have used a heavy bass-speaker to make short “boom” sound. The sound went to a piece of a ballon on which small paintdrops were placed (sometimes with tiny waterdrops also). The sound makes the ballon tremble by which the paintdrops fly into the air. The drops flew up to 30 cm into the sky (and i just had refurbished our floor in the livingroom …)

I used a Cognisys which registrates sound and after a few milliseconds fires the connected flashes.

It took about 3 days to get the right settings, also because not every paintcolor had the same viscosity. (How thicker the paint, how slower it reacts)

In between every shot, the surface had to be completely cleaned, and new paint and waterdrops to be placed.


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2 Reacties

  1. Rita van Mourik oktober 13, 2014

    Na ons leuke enthousiaste gesprek van vanmiddag meteen gekeken. Wat een leuke en hele mooie foto’s Edwin. Ik vind het ongelofelijk knap!
    Van de “lachdruppeltjes” ga je vanzelf, zelf vrolijk worden!
    Bedankt dat ik op deze manier even bij je heb mogen gluren!

  2. Edwin oktober 13, 2014

    Dank je wel Ria, ik zou jouw spetterende foto’s ook wel binnenkort!


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